How To Find The Perfect Summer Shoes For Your Feet

How To Find The Perfect Summer Shoes For Your Feet

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The dog days of summer call for a refreshing cold drink. To our feet, they call for an overflowing supply of that cool relaxing breeze. One of the best ways to take care of them in the summer is to wear protective shoes. Our bodies, especially the feet, sweat a lot in warm temperatures that summertime endows. 

In humid places, the human body feels warmer during the long days of summer. Summer feet means sweaty feet. Not only is it a nuisance, but the mugginess and sweat are the major philanthropists to other summer foot conditions. Some of the most common summer foot issues include: heel pain, sunburn, swollen feet, corns, blisters.

Summertime may be an exciting season for you, your family, and friends, but your feet can easily be susceptible to foot dilemmas that might keep you from having a blast in the summer. Well, you don’t really need to be alarmed because our foot professionals at Wmshoes are here to ensure you a full summer blast experience. Besides, summer is supposed to be spent doing the things you enjoy and not spent on dreadful days of achy and itchy feet. 

Here are the things you should be looking for in summer shoes:

  • The Good Fit
  • Materials To Help Your Feet Breathe
  • Moisture-wicking Properties
  • Good Arch Support
  • Sole Thickness
  • Style And Versatility
  • Good Sun Protector
  • Easy Shoe Maintenance


    The Need For A Proper Fit

    You need to ensure that your summer shoes fit correctly. Avoiding shoes that are too tight or too loose, can help prevent your feet from discomfort and all other foot problems. You should also bear in mind the shape of your feet and any specific sizing needs that have to be addressed in choosing your summer shoes. 

    The Type Of Materials Needed For Summer Shoes

    You should take into serious consideration what materials a shoe is made of if you want comfortable summer shoes. Don’t ever settle for less. Prioritize shoes made from high-quality breathable materials like, mesh, canvas, or perforated leathers. 

    We are glad to tell you that breathable shoes in Wmshoes are made from these air efficient tools. These materials allow proper air circulation that keeps your feet cool all through the summertime. They also massively reduce moisture buildup inside the shoes. 

    Moisture-free Shoes In Summertime

    Another feature you should be aware of in getting a pair of summer shoes is its moisture-wicking property. This feature helps in keeping both your feet dry as it absorbs and dissipates sweat effectively. It is understandable how sweaty your feet get during the heat season. That's why it’s best for you to get shoes that prevent any foot discomfort you might encounter. 

    Good Arch Support 

    Sufficient arch support is essential in keeping your feet comfortable. If you plan to walk or stand for extended periods of time, then you should definitely secure a shoe that promotes good arch support. Choose the ones that match your foot’s needs.

    The Thickness Of The Outsoles

    Summer shoes should have a considerable thickness on the outer soles. These features provide protection from hot pavements in the summertime enhancing comfort on your feet. Thin-soled shoes make your feet more vulnerable to heat and discomfort, so it’s best to avoid them.

    Shoe Style And Versatility

    Shoes are one of the most essential pieces of everyday clothing which creates a person’s sense of style. This makes style preferences one of the top priorities in buying shoes. Versatility is a great combination for getting chic shoe styles. 

    When it comes to having versatile shoes, it’s important to choose classic styles that will never go out of fashion. You’ll want shoes that match your summer wardrobe and can be worn for various occasions, from casual outings to a more formal event. 

    Protecting Your Feet From The Scorching Heat Of The Sun

    During the season of intense heat from the sun, it’s only right to consider shoes with sun-blocking features. These may be UV-resistant materials or sunshades to protect those priceless feet from harmful UV rays during the summer. Dense materials like canvas, wool, or synthetic fabrics such as polyester are good UV-blocking materials. 

    Ease Of Maintenance

    It’s convenient to get shoes that are low maintenance. Consider shoes that are easy to wipe clean or machine wash during the summertime. This gives you more fun time in the summer and less cleaning time for your shoes.

    By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions when shopping for summer shoes that will keep your feet comfortable and stylish throughout the season. During the summer, you should expect your shoes to provide specific features and benefits to ensure your well being and the comfort that both your feet need during the hot season. 

    Tips For Keeping Your Shoes In Top Condition During The Summer Season

    Keeping your summer shoes alive during the summer demands your care and attention, especially since it’s hot and  humid during this time of the year. Humid outdoors and getting exposed to outdoor activities affect your footwear. Here are recommendations to aid you in maintaining your summer shoes in top condition:

    Clean your shoes regularly. Start the habit of cleaning your summer footwears regularly. Remove the dirt, sand, and other debris that get into your shoes during this time of the year. You may brush or just shake them off your shoes. You may also follow the cleaning guidelines provided by the shoe manufacturer. 

    Store your shoes properly. When not in need, store these shoes in a cool, dry place that’s away from direct sunlight. The sun’s heat during this time is greater than that of the usual days. Avoid leaving them in hot, humid, or damp areas as this may cause damage and promotes mold growth. You may also want to consider using shoe trees or shoe shapers to maintain their shape and for moisture absorption. Shoe trees are great crease and wrinkle protectors.

    Repair Damaged Shoes Promptly. If you notice any sort of damage on your shoes, address them immediately. Taking care of minor issues early can prevent more significant problems in the future.

    Those are the tips and recommendations to keep your shoes in top condition during the summer season. By following them, you can extend the lifespan of your summer footwear and keep them looking and feeling their best while you’re also feeling and looking your best. Always take care of good shoes as these shoes are always there to take good care of you.

    Always choose good shoes during the summer. Always choose the Ladies Summer Mesh Breathable Low Top Casual Shoes. 

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