Smelly Feet: What Are the Best Breathable Shoes?

Smelly Feet: What Are the Best Breathable Shoes?


What Causes Smelly Feet?

Although sweating is a normal bodily function, it is still a nuisance. In severe cases, it leads to the pesky stench. Also, it can cause bacterial infections like athlete’s foot or toenail fungus.We have sweat glands in different parts of our body. Do you know our feet alone have about 250,000 sweat glands? In typical cases, these sweat glands produce more than two cups of sweat.Naturally, there are some bacterias on our feet, and these bacteria break down the sweat and release an odor. When there is excessive moisture in the shoes, it leads to an increase in the smell.Carelessness in terms of infrequent foot washing, and not changing socks for a long time can also allow bacteria to grow on your feet.Prolong workouts and running errands in scorching heat can drench us in sweat in no time. While our body naturally cools off, the sweat in our shoes remains there and starts to irritate.We often overlook these factors, which lead us to never-ending smelly feet problems later. As to why sweating causes stinky feet, it has both Internal and external reasons.

Internal Factors

These include:

1- Hereditary

There is an inherited condition called Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweat in feet. Regardless of the weather or other conditions, some people tend to sweat a lot more than others.While sweat is a way for our body to cool off, too much perspiration shelters a bacterium called Bromodosis that generates an unpleasant smell. It thrives in damp conditions, and as our feet can stay moist due to wearing tight shoes or wearing most time of the day, it produces the foul smell.There isn’t any apparent cause for Hyperhidrosis. However, it can still be managed by taking good care of foot hygiene and investing in durable and waterproof breathable shoes to avoid moisture accumulating on your skin.


2- Hormonal

In women and young adults, fluctuating hormonal changes can lead to over sweating or hot flushes. Surging hormones activate the sweat glands, and it is mostly centered around armpits, palms, and feet, thus causing bacteria to break down this sweat and release an odor.


3- Emotional State

A type of sweat gland called apocrine is known to make you sweat during stress or anxiety. Apocrine also carries a stench and therefore gets you in an uncomfortable situation. Someone who continually stays on foot all day and faces stress is prone to sweat heavier than others.


External Factors

These include:

1- Worn-out Footwear


After a workout or a long day, we make sure to vent and dry the sweat off our bodies. The same is not the case with our feet.All that moisture from the sweat stays trapped inside your shoes with no ventilation. Even when you take off the boots and leave them as it is, the moisture doesn’t dry off, leaving room for bacteria to flourish.The type of shoe and socks we wear plays a significant role in exacerbating or diminishing sweat. Therefore, next time while shopping, make sure to look out for the porous breathable shoes and socks that can ventilate the sweat. provides trendy breathable shoes for men and women which are perfect for sports.


 2- Diet


We all have already heard; we are what we eat. Along with the effect on our overall health, food intake can also play a part in triggering sweat. Spicy food, hot drinks, and alcohol are known to stimulate perspiration. Warm food tends to elevate body temperature, which results in overall sweating. If you have a problem with sweaty and smelly feet, try to avoid or minimize the intake of spicy food.

3- Humid Conditions


A hot and humid condition due to weather or prolonged exercising is a common reason for excessive sweating. Coupled with the above factors, it can drench you from top to toe.


How to Avoid Smelly Feet?

Now that we know what causes feet to smell, we can look into options and measures we can take to prevent this first-hand embarrassment and annoyance.

1- Invest in Quality Footwear

By now, we have realized that the main culprit of a smelly crime scene is our shoes. Footwear made with poor quality of fabric can become a den for the bacteria to feast on all the absorbed moisture.Therefore, it is inevitable to invest in waterproof breathable shoes. Breathable shoes not only allow feet to get some air but also ventilate any moisture that might end up because of sweat.
Avoid using shoes made with rubber, plastic, and synthetic material as they trap dampness, resulting in over sweating. A breathable shoe with features like mesh uppers and minimal overlays is recommended. Also, make a habit of washing and drying your shoes now and then. Your shoes also need some air and sun.
Leave shoes in the sun for some time, allowing it to completely dry and killing off any bacteria that thrive in damp and darkness.

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2- Shuffle and Replace Shoes

Using one pair of shoes for all of your errands is not a good idea. Not only will the shoes tear down sooner but also cause odor due to continuous moisture.It is better to have a separate pair of shoes for your house, gym, and work. Remove your shoes once you are home and take out insoles and socks.Allow it to dry so that it prevents bacteria from growing inside. Don’t use worn-out shoes as they cause only more sweat and smell because of their destitute condition. At least replace the insoles of the shoes with insoles specifically made to reduce sweat and odor.

3- Don’t Forget the Socks

Socks are the partner in crime with the shoes. Their offence is similar. They stop the moisture from evaporating. Socks made with moisture-wicking material are known to pull sweat away and help in reducing foot sweat. One of the best options out there are socks made of Coolmax, copper, wool. A better option is to keep the odor off is to have a pair of socks with you. So that you can dry and change when it gets too sweaty. Lastly, don’t skip the socks, because they work as a barrier between your sweat and shoes. You might think it will allow some air but soon find you will be drenched in sweat.

4- Over the Counter Antiperspirants

Yes, you read it right, there are also Antiperspirants and deodorants explicitly made for feet. Several cheap and effective over the counter antiperspirants are available in the market that helps control odor and sweat. Another useful option is something called deodorant balls that you can put in your shoes, and it absorbs the sweat. Similarly, there are deodorant foot liners that can help both in foot pain and sweat.

5- Foot Hygiene

Most of us follow our skincare routine religiously. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, for healthy and refreshing skin. Then why not step ahead and make foot care also a part of your overall skin-ritual. When coming back from the gym or work, remove the shoes immediately. Seek out and try recommended antibacterial soap to wash your feet regularly. Make sure to dry them thoroughly so that no wet residue is left. For added benefit, use all-natural talcum or anti-fungal powder. Treat yourself by buying and using moisture-wicking scrubs that can aid you in keeping your feet fresh and sweat-free.

6- Seek Help from Podiatrist

Some time due to carelessness or lack of awareness, severe sweating, and smell can result in bacterial infection. Although it's uncommon for people with excessive sweating to reach for medical care if all else fails, then seek help from Podiatrist. A Podiatrist can help identify the underlying cause of over sweating and treat you accordingly. Most likely, a podiatrist can do a starch-iodine test for diagnosis. Based on the symptoms, it can prescribe antiperspirants or oral medication such as anticholinergics. Botox injections for temporary relief can be an alternative way. In severe cases, a person might have to go through a surgical procedure to prevent the nerves responsible for signaling excessive sweat.


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