The importance of keeping your feet warm in cold days

The importance of keeping your feet warm in cold days

Do you know that the temperature of your feet says a lot about your health? Foot specialists say that warmer feet indicate better overall health while colder feet are often linked to a weak immune system and worsening of various chronic diseases.

You must be surprised, right? Well, that's something most people are generally not aware of. But don't worry.

Wmshoe will give you all the right reasons to keep your feet warm. So, keep reading!

1. season

In winter, the platelets and coagulation function in human blood are stronger than those in summer and people's exercise intensity is low. These reasons will make people's blood circulation ability worse, thereby aggravating the symptoms of cold feet.

2. Cardiovascular weakness

Cold hands and feet have a lot to do with the heart and blood vessels of the human body, because blood is sent and supplied by the heart. If the hands and feet feel cold, it may be because the heart is weak and the hemoglobin and red blood cells in the body are low, which cannot supply blood to extremities of the body and can cause the symptom of cold feet.

3. Hormone disorder

Hormone disorder is more common in menopausal women. Certain hormonal changes caused by menstruation and childbirth in some women will lead to subcutaneous vasoconstriction and a decrease in blood flow, which in turn will affect blood circulation in the body and cause cold feet.

4. Caused by other chronic diseases

For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases can cause cold feet. These original diseases are likely to cause lesions in the blood vessels and nerves of the patient, and also affect the blood supply. In this case, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment of the original disease.

How are colder feet dangerous?

Besides being uncomfortable, cold feet indicate health issues like poor circulation of blood, a weakened immune system, and poor mental condition.

Recent research has connected immune system issues with cold feet. It has been discovered that individuals with cold feet are more vulnerable to diseases and infections due to weak immunity.

According to a 2005 study, people were 30% more likely to have the flu if their feet were cold for at least 20 minutes. It is because the blood flow is decreased when the capillaries in the feet tighten due to the cold. As a result, the White Blood Cells are not delivered sufficiently and the body's ability to fight off diseases is compromised.

Additionally, colder feet are dangerous for diabetic patients. They are likely to encounter foot issues like cuts, blisters, bunions, etc. These frequently begin as minor issues but later turn into significant health disorders. Thus, diabetics must ensure daily care of their feet, to avoid major inconveniences.

How to keep your feet warm in winter?

Now that you’ve come across the potential dangers of cold feet, you must have realized the importance of warm feet. They are not only a sign of comfort but overall better health.

Warm feet mean that your blood vessels are open enough for adequate blood circulation. They'll help you sleep better during winter as well. It is because, if your feet are warm, you can quickly warm up your remaining body which is an ultimate comfort during cold weather.

Here are some essential health tips to keep your feet warm.

  1. Avoid having bare feet. It is always better to keep your feet covered in socks and shoes, especially in winter.
  2. Eat nutritious foods that keep your body warm up. Some common examples include bananas, ginger tea, coffee, oats, dry fruits, etc.
  3. Keep yourself moving to stay warm. As long as your feet are in motion they are likely to stay warm. So, it is better to go for a walk or run if your feet stay cold for a long.
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