Top 5 Best Men's Sandals for Summer 2022

Top 5 Best Men's Sandals for Summer 2022

Summer is the time when casual looks become stylish. Chinos, short sleeves, and linen are back, and it’s acceptable to finish off the look with your favorite open-toed shoes. A good pair of men’s sandals can give your summer outfits a laid-back feel, plus they can be comfortable and stylish, too.


“A lot of guys are self-conscious about sandals, but if you like them, you should wear them—guys need to have a look that they like,” menswear icon Sid Mashburn tells Men’s Journal. “Function is more important than fashion, and sandals are just good summer shoes. But it can be surprising how cool they are, how chic they are, and how elegant they are. They hit all the buttons.”For men, sandals don’t necessarily make a style statement. They can, but their primary function runs practical. They give you traction and a layer against the pavement, gravel, and all other rough surfaces out there. A top strap or two helps it remain in place, ensuring you can move, if not run. Then, more importantly, you feel the air on your skin helping you stay cool and cutting down on perspiration.

All men’s sandals, to some degree, start from this spot but then take off in a multitude of directions based on where you’ll be and what you may be doing.

Here are some of the best men’s sandals for summer, whether you’re heading out for a day on the lake or a night on the town.


Men Leather Sports Waterproof Sandals Y030

Soft cow leather with breathable mesh allows your feet to bathe in the summer wind.


Men's Summer Outdoor Mesh Casual Sandals Y020

Simple solid color and athletic style, very suitable for outdoor activities.


Unisex Breathable Mesh-And-Leather Sandals

Fresh colors and ultra light materials make this pair of shoes suitable for home wear or beach activities.


Mens Summer Leather Free Switching Slippers Sandals

This pair of shoes can be freely switched between sandals and slippers, according to your needs.


Men's Leather Sandals Y018

100% top layer cowhide makes this shoe super delicate and comfortable.

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