Why Do Your Feet And Ankles Swell?

Why Do Your Feet And Ankles Swell?

Has your swollen feet and ankles made it hard for you to live an active lifestyle? Are you concerned about your health and mobility? Why do your feet and ankles swell?

There are some common causes of swollen feet and ankles. Ankle and feet swelling are symptoms of an underlying health issue. It’s time to take a serious look into what is causing your swollen feet and ankles.

Seek professional help if you experience consistent swelling. Don’t be afraid of what you might discover. The insight that you’ll gain will help you live a healthier life.

This article will guide you through the possible reasons for your discomfort. And, we will discuss simple solutions to ease the swelling. Keep reading to learn about the common causes of swollen ankles and feet.

Why Are My Feet Swollen?

A reason your feet are swollen is because of too much pressure. Pressure can occur when you are standing or working on your feet for long periods. Fluid rushes to the joints in your feet to act as a cushion while your feet recover.

One way to help lessen the swelling is to buy better-quality shoes. Shoe insoles or shoes with built-in support help to relieve the pressure on your feet. You can also consult with your podiatrist to find the right foot support for you.

Your feet could also be swollen because of high blood pressure. Your arteries are restricted and cause your heart to overwork. This makes it difficult to get the blood circulating to your feet, and fluid begins building up around your joints.

You can lower your pressure by cutting back on salty foods. Salt dehydrates the body, so drink more water. Your body depends on water to clear the toxins out of your arteries so your blood can flow freely.

Why Are My Ankles Swollen?

Your ankles swell for many of the same reasons your feet swell. Your ankles and feet are connected, so they share the same problems. But, here are a couple of reasons why your ankles are swollen.

One reason for your swollen ankles is being overweight. Your ankles will consistently be inflamed when there is too much weight on them. Getting your weight at or below your BMI will help with the swelling.

Losing weight can become an issue if your swollen ankles are preventing you from being active. So, look at other workout options. You can try yoga or water aerobics to help you lose weight.

Another reason why your ankles are swollen is because of water retention. Water retention happens when excess fluid builds up around your joints. You can speak with your doctor about taking water pills or going on a detox to flush your system.


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